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At SRIAAS we provide treatment for Kidney Diseases All Over the World, we have the best treatment for kidney diseases by using Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines, customized diet plans, and exercise schedules. We work for the betterment & well-being of our kidney patients & help them to achieve their natural & healthy state back. Our Ayurvedic kidney treatment offers a risk-free, lasting, & natural cure.

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Our Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments

We are specialized in offering the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Several Kidney Disorders.



Unlike AKD, chronic kidney disease reduces kidney function over a particular time. Many people fail to understand that they are suffering from CKD because the symptoms are not apparent. And off chance, they can get it detected, almost half of them get the viable treatment.



Our kidneys are bound to eliminate waste from the body. So, if your doctor has confirmed elevated creatinine levels in your body, it is a telltale sign that your kidneys are unhealthy.



Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) causes the growth of several cysts in the kidneys. These cysts ultimately get filled with fluid. However, if the cysts keep growing or get too big, they cause severe damage to the kidneys.



Nephrotic Syndrome is more usual in men than in women and is characterized by the malfunctioning of the kidney. Just like proteinuria, nephrotic also put up protein slip from the blood.



IgA Nephropathy is an antibody, a protein that helps protect our body from bacteria and viruses. IgA nephropathy is a kidney disease that occurs when IgA deposits develop in the kidneys.



Acute renal disease is an abrupt loss of kidney function or, in laymen's language, we can say when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste and toxins, the condition is called acute renal failure. Acute renal failure is usual in individuals under medical scrutiny and needs intensive care.

Ayurvedic Kidney Care Hospital

Get a Root-Cause Treatment for Kidney Failure

SRIAAS focuses on providing world-class and holistic healthcare services to kidney patients. We treat our patients with extreme respect, compassion, and dignity to ensure their best health.

  • We provide a natural and safe kidney treatment that enhances kidney functioning.
  • We provide fast and effective medicines at your doorstep.
  • Our experienced doctors provide a customized diet chart for our kidney patients to control the levels of creatinine, potassium and etc.
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Know How Stage 3 Kidney Patient Got Recovered In Just 3 Months

SRIAAS has helped numerous patients worldwide cure their kidney diseases. Despite the distance, we take proper care of regular guidance until they are cured. One of our patients "Batsheva Sarah Gamoran" has shared her story, telling the problems she faced while knowing her condition was getting worse by the day.

She suffered from stage 3 kidney disease and was told she would need dialysis soon. In the midst of searching for a treatment, she got to know us through youtube and consulted our doctors. She was also suffering from diabetes for a long time, making her condition even worse. Our doctors prescribed customized medication to control her diabetes and enhance kidney function. Along with regularly prescribed ayurvedic medications, she was guided best with the diet. Diet played an important role in making her recover from the condition.

In 3 months, her kidney disease recovered and reduced to stage one. However, she must keep her diet limited until she recovers totally; she has gained much better health now. If you are suffering from kidney problems, you should choose the safest and most reliable treatment method - Ayurveda.

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Creatinine Levels Reduced In Just 25 Days

When Mr. Ayalew Halle Teklearegay(patient) first came to SRIAAS, his creatinine levels were 6.9, but after 25 days of treatment, they had dropped to 5.7. High blood pressure and diabetes are present in the patient. He takes blood pressure medication and diabetic insulin on a regular basis.

Mr. Teklearegay is from Ethiopia, a country in Africa. Doctors in Africa recommended renal dialysis or a kidney transplant for him. He came to SRIAAS after a friend recommended that he consider treatment in India (SRIAAS). His bicarbonate levels are also elevated due to metabolic acidosis, in addition to his high creatinine levels. Our kidney specialist recommended that he get treatment to keep his serum bicarbonate and creatinine levels under control.

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Why Prefer Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure at SRIAAS?

We are here to protect the ‘Health of healthy’ & ‘Heal the Diseased.’

100% Safe & Herbal Treatment

With natural treatment, we focus on treating the cause, not the symptoms. Our herbal medicines boost self-healing and overall health.

No Side Effects

Unlike other options, herbal treatment does not have any side effects on your body. It eliminates the root cause of the disease without weakening the immune system.

Visible Results Within a Month

We promise to provide positive results within a month of treatment. We have the best kidney doctors also; our medicines work on the core and underlying issues of the diseases and cure them.

Curated Therapy for Renal Diseases

Our experienced doctors personally cater to every patient and customize a personalized therapy for the patient. This ensures that the patient’s problem is addressed.

Personalized Diet Plans

We provide specially curated diet plans according to your disease severity. We believe that food is medicine, a targeted and balanced diet will cure the problem.

Weekly Follow-Up by the Experts

We ensure that every progress in the patient’s record is noted and analyzed. So, we regularly keep a check on our patient’s progress.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Want to clear your doubts?

Happy Woman
Ayurveda is an ancient science of treating body, mind, and soul. According to Ayurveda, any kind of disease triggers in the body by the blockage of certain specific channels named Doshas.
Yes , ayurvedic medicines are nectar for kidney , plants used in treating kidney disease are amazing , they have rejuvenating property and helps in restoring normal function of kidneys and prevent kidney failure
Yes, you can. SRIAAS- SR Institute of Advanced Ayurvedic Science will provide you with alternative methods to boost kidney functioning.
No, at SRIAAS- SR Institute of Advanced Ayurvedic Science believes that a patient should not compromise on what he/she loves to eat. We provide patients with a balanced diet that is prepared as per the reports & physical condition of the patients.